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We provide our customers with all the machinery that runs from cotton to fabric

Refurbished Textile Machine

We find the world’s best state-of-the-art machinery, research it with our technical experts, get it at the right price and bring it to our customers.

We support the success of our customers by introducing high-tech textile machines in one country or region to another country or region and show them the way to make huge profits.

Our Services

Spinning Machinery

Everything from blow rooms through winding and TFO of various spun yarn mechanisms, including Ring, Open-End, and Air-Jet, is available from reputable suppliers.

Weaving Machinery

There are many different types of woven fabric formations that use shuttle and shuttle-less weaving looms, including power looms like Dobby, Jacquard, and Circular.

Finishing Machinery

A selection of textile finishing, printing, and dyeing equipment from reputable brands is available and ready to be installed and used in your operation.

Other Machinery

Apart from spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing, and printing, the best textile machinery also includes parts, accessories, and entire textile mills.

Textile Spinning Machinery

The machines that are given guarantee top performance and have a high level of wear and tear resistance. These used textile spinning machines are in flawless operating order and free of any flaws because they were purchased from reliable market vendors. Before acquiring the machines, our qualified specialists thoroughly inspect them in accordance with a set of rigid quality standards. By regularly providing excellent Textile Spinning Machines at competitive prices, we have developed a dependable customer base throughout the nation.

A Global Leader In The Used Textile Machinery

A company that sells old textile machinery and equipment on a global scale. providing a wide range of equipment, including open end rotor spinning machines, cutting textile machines, yarn textile machinery, quilting and weaving equipment, bale pressers, knitting goods, bale pressers, industrial air compressors, and air washers. ranging from lone machines to entire production lines

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