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Spinning Machinery

Everything from blow rooms through winding and TFO of various spun yarn mechanisms, including Ring, Open-End, and Air-Jet, is available from reputable suppliers.

Weaving Machinery

There are many different types of woven fabric formations that use shuttle and shuttle-less weaving looms, including power looms like Dobby, Jacquard, and Circular.

Finishing Machinery

A selection of textile finishing, printing, and dyeing equipment from reputable brands is available and ready to be installed and used in your operation.

Other Machinery

Apart from spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing, and printing, the best textile machinery also includes parts, accessories, and entire textile mills.

Refurbished Textile Machinery Sourcing

The only business that is able to acquire, ship, install, commission, and service the entire range of textile machinery internally.

We can find and provide equipment that are tailored to the unique requirements of our customers thanks to the experience we’ve accumulated over the years. By taking into account each customer’s particular circumstances, the machines are picked. The machines are then examined, disassembled, packed, shipped, installed, and then put into service. We gained the moniker “suppliers of experienced machinery” due to the total package.

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The only company to have the in-house capability to source, ship, install, commission, and service the complete range of textile machinery.

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